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This is, frankly, a more mature lesson than most adult entertainment. She placed a cylinder at each of the two back corners of the house, finding dark areas outside the pool of back-porch light. The amethyst would still be active, of course, but she was probably occupied with something frivolous down in her room. While Pearl and Jenny continued to hold Trixie down, Kiki dropped to her knees in front of Steven and took his flagging erection into her mouth. The scene where Pearl poofs in Steven's flashback was cut. They seemed to slowly drift and swirl, like stars in a distant galaxy.

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He could feel his body pumping liquid into hers, and he could tell that it was more than he had produced during his earlier liaison with Pearl. Doug Maheswaran was leaning against the doorway, also not looking so good. But she still had a job to do. Priyanka moved out of the way so that Kiki could get on all fours in front of Steven. She set her violin case down by the door and followed Steven over and up to his bedroom area. And they had work to do. The dark-eyed boy looked up from his toy trucks and grinned at them.

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Jenny and Kiki joined him, being a bit physically and emotionally worn down from taking possession of Trixie. Nothing had ever made him feel so good. Disclaimer: I do not own Steven Universe or its characters. Whatever had happened to Garnet and Pearl almost surely had something to do with that crashed Gem ship. He was different now—older, taller, and quite a bit more muscular—but there was no mistaking that curly black hair, or those dark eyes, swirling with little orange lines.
I am reminded that people want to be close with each other, and care about each other. Jenny was still fast asleep, as was Kiki, who lay on the other side of Connie from Steven. Now, her pain shared space in her mind with the thought that not only had she been violated in every way, but she was about to be defeated utterly and completely. The red-haired girl struggled harder. It was the best gift he could have given her.
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